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Though I may seem to have neglected my blogging of late, I have several historical blog entries underway in various stages of completion.  Likewise, I have some ghost stories, researched both for my Texas historical ghost stories blog and for DeOmnis (where I have posted some non-Texas ghost stories and other items of varied subjects) but have not had sufficient opportunities to write and post them. By the way, each of these three blogs can be reached via the tabs on the website homepage.


Stay tuned. Meanwhile, here are links to some other things I've written which are available for you to read online.


Daniel W. Anthony


Samuel Tubbs Angier


Spencer Jack


Angus McNeill


Thomas F. L. Parrott


Lucy Holcombe Pickens


Meriwether Woodson Smith


George Tennille


Augustus Williams


(Illustration: Lucy Holcombe Pickens.)

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