The Brazos River Light

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In 1895, near the mouth of the Brazos River on 2.59 acres taken by the federal government in a condemnation suit, construction began on the Brazos River Light.  The light was a 35,000 candle power oil lamp, visible at sea 15 miles. The lens, which was 99 feet above sea level, would revolve and thus flash every five seconds.  The light was converted to electric power in 1938, thus rendering 190,000 candle power.  In 1963, the light was modified to 2,000,000 candle power.  First lit on May 30, 1896, the tower was dismantled soon after having been conveyed in March 1967 to the Dow Chemical Company.  The lantern room is now on the grounds of the Brazoria County Historical Museum (the old courthouse in Angleton, Texas) and the lens is part of the museum collections.

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